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6U OpenVPX

SBC612: 6U VPX QorIQ P4080-based Single Board Computer

  • P4080 processor Eight e500mc cores @ up to 1.5GHz
  • Dual-channel DDR3 (up to 8GB)
  • 512MB NOR Flash
  • 4GB NAND Flash Solid-State Drive
  • 512kB non-volatile MRAM
  • 4off x4 SRIO links from VPX P1
  • 4off x4 PCIe Gen2 links from VPX P2
  • 2x PMC/XMC Sites
  • AFIX site (SCSI/VGA/1553/Flash drive)
  • 2x 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet + 2x 10/100/1000BASE-T / 1000BASE-X
  • IPMI Baseboard Management Controller
  • VITA65 OpenVPX Compatible
Rugged Interconnect Technologies TM - SBC612

IPN250: 6U GPGPU OpenVPX multiprocessor

  • 6U OpenVPX, Rugged VITA46 / VITA48 REDI
  • CPU - Intel® Core™2 Duo Penryn
  • GPU - NVIDIA GT240 96 core GPU:
    - Multi-fabric data, expansion and control planes
    - 10 Gigabit Ethernet
    - PCIe switch on-board
  • 2 x 1000Base-T and 2 x 1000Base-BX
  • Performance 390 GFLOPS @ 100 watts
Rugged Interconnect Technologies TM - IPN250

DSP230: Quad MPC864xx Multi Fabric 6U VPX SBC

  • Quad Core Freescale MPC864xx Multi Fabric 6U VPX Multiprocessor SBC
  • Four Freescale 8640D SoC nodes
  • Eight banks DDR2 SDRAM
  • Eight port Serial RapidIO switch
  • Forty-eight lane gen_2 PCIe switch
  • One PMC-X / XMC (VITA 42.3) site
  • Gigabit Ethernet switch with VLAN
  • Central communications resource FPGA
  • Eight serial ports
  • Rugged 6U VITA 46 & VITA 48/REDI builds
Rugged Interconnect Technologies TM - DSP230

GBX460: Rugged 6U OpenVPX switch with OpenWare™

  • Extensive non-blocking 10GigE ports enable wire speed traffic across the VPX backplane with no bottlenecks, maximizing throughput.
  • In simple network configuration, fast boot facility allows traffic passage in the shortest time from power-on, increasing readiness and responsiveness.
  • Extensive configuration and protocol options provided by OpenWare switch management software enables highly customer-specific solutions to be created.


Rugged Interconnect Technologies TM - GBX460

PEX441: 6U VPX rugged XMC carrier

  • Serial RapidIO (sRIO) support:
    - 18 payload ports, 4 inter-switch ports
    - 1 fiber optic front panel port (optional)
    - All ports are x4 lanes
    - All lanes are 1, 2.5 & 3.125 GHz capable
  • Switch management:
    - MPC8548 management processor
    - x4 Serial RapidIO interface to switch fabric
    - Gigabit Ethernet port to front panel
    - RS232 serial ports to front panel
    - I2CBus interface to all switch nodes
  • Form factor:
    - Rugged 6U VITA 41.2 for air, spray and conduction cooled systems
  • Software
  • VxWorks BSP with API to switch management layer
  • GE Built-In-Test (BIT) for PowerPC
  • Optional Switch Management Module
Rugged Interconnect Technologies TM - PEX441

PEX441: 6U VPX rugged XMC carrier

  • Two VITA42 compliant XMC sites
  • Optimized thermal management
  • 6U VITA46 / VITA48 REDI form factor
  • Convection cooled and conduction cooled build options
  • Flexible I/O configuration options
  • Support GE XMC products
  • Companion to GE 6U VPX products
Rugged Interconnect Technologies TM - PEX441

PEX440: 6U VPX Mezzanine Carrier Board

  • Two VITA42 compliant XMC sites
  • 6U VPX and VPX-REDI form factors
  • Optional front and rear side covers for 2 Level Maintenance requirements:
    - Supports up to three mezzanines
    - two PMC/XMC modules
    - one AFIX module
  • Mezzanine I/O routed to VPX backplane
  • Non-blocking Gen 2 PCI Express switch with four x4 ports to the backplane
  • Air and rugged conduction cooled variants
Rugged Interconnect Technologies TM - PEX440

DSP282A: Dual Intel 5th Gen Quad Core i7 6U OpenVPX

  • Dual intel Core I7 processors combine to deliver 600+ GFLOPS of throughput from a single 6U card slot for blistering performance.
  • High inter-processor bandwidth at extremely low memory-to-memory latencies enables sensor-acquired data to be delivered in real time.
  • Large radar systems and SAR/GMTI applications benefit from support for 40 Gigabit Ethernet, providing optimium scalability.
Rugged Interconnect Technologies TM - DSP282A

IPN252: 6U OpenVPX GPGPU Multiprocessor

  • Intel Core i7 processor and 640-core NVIDIA Maxwell GPU team to provide an unprecedented 1.4 TeraFLOPS of compute capability/slot in demanding DSP applications.
  • GPUDirect support streams data direct to GPU memory, resulting in significantly lower latency and higher throughput.
  • Innovative, advanced cooling enables maximum, no-compromise performance - with ultimate reliability.
Rugged Interconnect Technologies TM - IPN252

LMH0000650: 6U Open Frame Development chassis

  • Open architecture for easy access to boards from both sides
  • Support for 6U VPX Boards
  • For use with RTM boards
  • Robust and strong construction with IEEE1101.10 card guides (Polycarbonate UL94-V0) and ESD clip mounted on bottom side
  • Excellent cooling from 3 high performance fans (12 V DC)
  • Industrial 600 W ATX power supply with wide range input 90– 264VAC
Rugged Interconnect Technologies TM - LMH0000650

SC6VPSK: 6U Open VPX Starter System

  • 4 slot 6U OpenVPX uncommitted backplane
  • 6U Pay load processor cards
  • 4 x pay load rear transition module sites
  • Configurable rear and front I/O panels
  • Accepts fabric & pay load RTMs
  • Fabric interconnect is configurable via PCIe & Infiniband Cables
  • 650 W pfc, auto‐ranging PSU included System reset switch
  • 4 x SATA rotary drives included
  • Adjustable high performance forced air cooling
  • IEEE Std 1101.10-compliant card frame
Rugged Interconnect Technologies TM - SC6VPSK